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tap water bottles - re-usable glass water bottles

glass water botttle


All single-use items have a huge environmental impact.  

Plastic water bottles, even when disposed of correctly, end up in landfills, outlasting their usefulness by centuries.  Our oceans are also filled with discarded water bottles, which over time fragment and pose serious threats to wildlife.  

In addition, bottled water companies can adversely effect the environment as there are no universal policies for bottled water companies and no one knows just how much water is being drawn.  Drawing more than is naturally replenished will ultimately disrupt the neighbouring water tables. Rivers are delicate ecosystems. Tapping into springs and aquifers, even on a small scale, will alter the movement of sediment in nearby streams and negatively affect the local ecology. 

Using a refillable tap waterTM bottle is a simple way to make a great environmental difference.

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